World Vasectomy Day 13/11/2015

July 2015


WHAT: Tollgate Clinic in Colchester, Essex is inviting media to cover vasectomies in progress and interview consenting patients on World Vasectomy Day, November 13th 2015.

The goal of World Vasectomy Day is to inspire 250 doctors in 30 countries to perform 1,500 vasectomies in 24 hours. The Tollgate Clinic in Colchester, Essex is offering vasectomies on the day at £ 299.00 and will be donating £ 50.00 for each patient to CHAPS – The men’s health charity.

At least 200 physicians in some 25 countries including the U.K, U.S, Australia, India, Kenya, China and Colombia are doing vasectomies for World Vasectomy Day 2015. Last year, Dr Laurel Spooner, at Tollgate Clinic, who has carried out over 10,000 Vasectomies and trains other Doctors in the No-Scalpel technique, carried out 11 vasectomies whilst training another Doctor to perform them on World Vasectomy Day.

Dr Spooner’s goal is to make vasectomy acceptable in all cultures and easily available for men everywhere.

Says Dr Spooner: “We are proud at Tollgate Clinic to be involved with World Vasectomy Day and applaud its aims. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, the local Clinical Commissioning Group has decided to stop funding Vasectomy in North East Essex which means that patients will now have to pay for the service themselves”

WHEN:Friday 13th November 2015

WHERE:Tollgate Clinic, 145 London Road, Stanway, Colchester, Essex CO3 8NZ

WHO:Dr. Laurel Spooner & consenting patients (Interviews may be possible.

Media Photo Opps:Media may photograph vasectomies in progress, with patient consent.

About World Vasectomy Day: The goal of World Vasectomy Day is to heighten awareness of and dispel myths about vasectomy, increase access to the procedure, particularly for the underserved, and to inspire more men to become engaged as equal partners with women in the global family planning conversation. The annual global observance, launched in 2013, is a project of World Vasectomy Day Services, a New York-based organization with nonprofit status pending. It was created by Jonathan Stack, an Emmy Award-winning and two-time Academy Award-nominated documentary filmmaker, and urologist Doug Stein, M.D., who has performed over 33,000 vasectomies. Media: Zan Dubin-Scott at

About Tollgate Clinic: Tollgate Clinic is a clinician-led Clinic which delivers minor surgical services for both NHS and self-pay patients in a community setting. The company currently holds contracts with:-

as a provider of services for patients referred from their GP with carpal tunnel syndrome or for patients requiring a vasectomy. The Clinic also offers minor surgery to self-pay patients at some locations.

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