Actively Supporting Men's Health and Wellbeing


We regret that due to the current COVID-19 situation we have had to postpone the following Men’s Health Days:

Essex Masons Men’s Health Day, Essex County Cricket Ground April 22nd 2021 –

2/4/2020 Colchester United Stadium  – PROVISIONAL NEW DATE – Spring 2021

16/05/2020 Ipswich Town Football Club – This event has now been postponed until Spring 2021

Please watch our website for further information as this pandemic develops.

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CHAPS is a registered charity which aims to raise awareness and support the development of new health services directly targeted at men’s needs to enable them to take care of their own health and well being.


Originally founded in 2000 as a local prostate cancer charity – Colchester Has Active Prostate Support – CHAPS now aims to be an advocate for all men’s health issues.

Key issues and how to get advice

The causes of premature male deaths are well known: heart disease, smoking, prostate cancer, diabetes to name but a few. Unfortunately men are notoriously slow to react to early warning signs of illness and rarely ever seek medical attention until something has actually gone wrong.

Furthermore men, especially the middle aged, have shown little interest in actively seeking out a healthy lifestyle or the resources available to achieve this. We aim to change this.



LATEST (23/01/2019) – Urgent action on prostate screening needed 

Europa Uomo has joined with European urological associations, scientific experts, policy makers and other patient organisations to call for national screening programmes for prostate cancer across Europe.

In a new policy paper, launched in the European Parliament with support from MEPs, the organisations say that the European Parliament and EU member states should ensure that the European Commission considers whether PSA-based screening should be implemented at European level.

The paper was issued jointly by Europa Uomo, Cancer Control Joint Action, the European Cancer Patient Coalition and the European Association of Urology (EAU) at a special event to mark European Prostate Cancer Awareness Day (EPAD). “The European Union can no longer continue to overlook the most common cause of cancer in men in Europe,” says the policy paper. (read more…)

Chris Booth representing CHAPS and Ken Mastris representing our partners from TACKLE Prostate Cancer at the European Parliament.