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Prostate Cancer Screening

Chris Booth stressing the importance of Prostate Cancer Screening for black African and Caribbean men at the ORCHID Male Cancer Charity Premiere of the brilliant film “LETTER TO MY UNPRESENTED SELF” – One Man’s Personal Journey With Prostate Cancer. This is a poignant story of a 45 year old St…

The European Medicines Agency & BREXIT

Another unheralded consequence of BREXIT is the UK’s loss of a key European agency. The EMA has resided in the UK since its foundation in 1995. It is the multinational, key regulator for all drugs marketed in the EU but because of BREXIT it is moving to the Netherlands and…

European Prostate Awareness Day Report


European Prostate Awareness Day on PCa Screening

This is a synopsis of the latest expert information on screening and early diagnosis of PCa given to the European Parliament. To see the full EPAD programme and report, go to:

Urgent Action Required

Europa Uomo has joined with European urological associations, scientific experts, policy makers and other patient organisations to call for national screening programmes for prostate cancer across Europe.

In a new policy paper, launched in the European Parliament with support from MEPs, the organisations say that the European Parliament and EU member…


NICE Recommends MRI Scans for Suspected Prostate Cancer BEFORE Biopsy

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have issued Guideline CG175 stating that men with a raised PSA blood test who require further investigation to diagnose or rule out underlying prostate cancer (PCa) with a view to radical…

Newsletter (No 9) December 2018

Another exceptionally busy year!  We have again screened over 1,000 men for Prostate Cancer (PCa), increased the number of screening events from 18 to 25, and embarked on another campaign to promote the benefit of PCa screening. In line with our decision to concentrate on PCa screening, we ran only…

STOP PRESS: “New Evidence for the Benefit of PSA Screening”

This new report from the USA in the respected urology  journal Urology ( Urology; 2018 Aug1 ; 118(xx), 119-126)  claims a remarkable 64% fall in mortality from Prostate Cancer in over 400,000 men below age 80 who underwent PSA testing over the 5 years 1998 to 2002. All men were…

An Update on Prostate Cancer Screening

Bad News – Good News

First, the bad news.

An update is necessary because the UK still has unacceptable Prostate Cancer (PCa) statistics with over 47,000 new cases and over 11,800 deaths each year, which now exceed deaths from breast cancer.  Our cure rates languish below most of our European…

Steam treatment for big prostates approved on NHS – BBC News 21/8/18

“PROSTATE HOPE FOR MILLIONS OF OVER-50s” Daily Mail Front Page, 21/8/18

Hmmm!  Another quick fix?

We have been looking for the holy grail of a minimally invasive treatment for moderate to severe benign prostatic obstruction for the last 30 years and so far all have failed to provide a long…

CHAPS Clinical Director Chris Booth lobbies for better screening services for Prostate Cancer

On 20th June CHAPS Clinical Director Chris Booth met with leaders from the men’s health charity ORCHID and the National Federation of Prostate Cancer Support Groups in the House of Lords at a meeting hosted by Lord Ribeiro, a former  President of the Royal College of Surgeons, to lobby for…