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Clacton Lions Men’s Health Day

CHAPS Director Chris Booth receiving a cheque for £2000 from Clacton Lions President Peter Luckhurst which will go towards funding the CHAPS / Lions Men’s Health Day at Tendring Voluntary Services HQ in Rosemary Rd, Clacton on the 5th October.

The Prostate Cancer Saliva Gene Test

Articles in the press and broadcast on 12/6/18 suggested this was an exciting new test for Prostate Cancer (PCa) that could “revolutionise how men are screened” and “lead to a national screening programme on the NHS within 3 years”. Whilst the test clearly helps predict future risk of PCa, the…

Colchester Men’s Health Day

In advance of the Colchester Men’s Health Day on Thursday 12th April 10AM – 4PM, Colchester United Football Club legend Bobby Hunt and his partner Sylvia Morrison agreed to face the cameras and be interviewed by Chris Booth (CHAPS) and Amanda Woods (Colchester Community 360) about how dementia has started…

Brett Vale Golf Club AGM

A club record sum of £4250 has been raised by Brett Vale Golf Club’s Seniors and CHAPS were delighted to be the chosen recipients at this year’s AGM where Captain Barry Root presented Chris Booth with a cheque.

Breaking News on Prostate Cancer Screening

This controversy has hit the headlines again with the news that the UK’s annual death toll from Prostate Cancer (PCa) has risen to over 11,800 and now exceeds that for breast cancer. Comparisons between the two cancers are striking!

No national screening programme exists for PCa, UK testing and referral…

Prostate Cancer Screening Service Launches

The flyer is attached to this post!

Prostate Cancer Screening USA Reconsideration

In 2012 the influential United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) decreed that there was no value in PSA testing for prostate cancer as the “harms” of screening outweighed the “benefits” in terms of lives saved. This put the USPSTF at loggerheads with most expert American urological opinion but nevertheless…

Family History, Race & Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer (PCa) is the commonest major cancer in UK men and second commonest cancer killer with over 47,000 new registrations and over 11,000 deaths each year. Despite this there is no national screening programme and controversy continues to surround our only effective frontline screening tool, the blood test PSA…

Prostate Cancer Screening

PSA Testing: A More Informed Approach

Despite continuing controversy, at the moment the PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) blood test remains the only initial, simple, cheap option available to screen for Prostate Cancer (PCa) in asymptomatic men to detect PCa at an early, curable stage.

Since PSA…

CHAPS Newsletter No. 7

Welcome to our newsletter for 2016 – a transformational year for CHAPS.

With the ending of our Big Lottery funding in 2015 we concentrated activity in Essex and Suffolk. Despite much reduced funding we increased the number of local men’s health events and reprinted a much enlarged and improved edition…