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Response To BBC News Article

29 August 2023

"The latest, positive trial evidence released by University College London on MRI scanning to detect prostate cancer (PCa)at an early, curable stage is further good news confirming the accuracy and utility of existing multiparametric MRI scans and now the quicker, safer, cheaper biparametric MRI scans. However, whether such scans will provide us with the necessary requirements for a full national screening programme is another question entirely. Currently, the UK has insufficient MRI scanners or radiologists able to report the scans for a national programme. Therefore, the only pragmatic approach available to us now is to use the quick, simple and cheap PSA blood test as the frontline test and reserve MRI scanning for the 10% of men who have an abnormal PSA test.
We know already from screening studies in Europe and the USA that have run up to 20 years that by performing regular PSA tests on men commencing in their 50s and continued into their 70s will reduce their risk of dying from PCa by up to a half. That would cut the UK's death toll from this most unpleasant cancer from 12,000 to 6,000 a year! What is needed now is a national "Awareness" campaign and implementation of the tools we already have. Meanwhile, research can continue to improve outcomes. Delaying implementation now in order to conduct more "trials" is mere procrastination and will not address our mortality statistics - amongst the worst in Europe"

Professor Chris Booth
CHAPS Charity


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Response To BBC News Article

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